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There are so many e cigarettes out there, but unfortunately, not all of those products meet our high quality standards and expectations.

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No Smoke With E-Cigarettes

No Smoke With E-Cigarettes

The traditional cigarette destroys the healthiness of the person in lots of ways which is life-threatening too. Hence, an individual who really wants to quit smoking cigarettes needs to fight difficult to leave the habit of smoking. Only an alternate can alter the smokers to depart the smoking.

The choice originates by means of e cigs to those smokers. These e cigs assist the smokers quitting conventional cigarettes easily with no problem. The main benefit of electric cigarettes is lack of non hazardous ingredients. These cigarettes are dependable and therefore just as one extraordinary option to the traditional smokers.

There are lots of advantages present with one of these e cigarettes so the smokers nowadays feel at ease. Many positive responses are not due to these e cigarettes. The first is the need to smoke cigarettes is becoming reduced. Also, the cash spent of these e cigarettes is considerably low in comparison with cigarettes. Hence, e cigarettes help these folks to save cash and health.

The e cigarette smoker can smoke from anywhere he likes because there are no negative affects whatsoever. The lack of smoke helps the neighbours to feel at ease without having to worry about passive smoking hazards like conventional cigarettes.

The person who uses electric cigarettes does not need to be worried about the tar formation or toxins that are contained in the cigarettes. The e cigarettes are totally harmless and therefore, they’re becoming exact option to the traditional cigarettes.

The lack of carbon monoxide smoke helps to make the device a well-known one in all countries and all sorts of non-smokers welcome this. Also, the e cigarette smoker doesn’t have any smoke smell after smoking thereby making them to feel good somewhere.

Another benefit of these e cigarettes is non flammable feature. This selection helps the smoker to not feel be worried about the environment as he smokes. The necessity of ashtrays is not essential for these e cigarette smokers. So, the smoking becomes friendly and acceptable form nowadays because of the invention of electric cigarettes.

Driving a car of general conventional smokers is burns once they smoke. This isn’t seen using the e cigarettes and therefore worldwide appreciation is viewed.

Major stigmas of smokers can be harmful breath and yellow teeth using the tobacco. However, these complaints aren’t seen using the e cigarettes and therefore the unit is totally hassle-free. Because of these functions e cigarettes increases the self confidence of the smoker nowadays because the disadvantages are absent.

Major worry using the cigarettes asides health is money wastage. This isn’t so using the electric cigarettes because lot of cash is saved because of less smoking attitude. These advantages of e cigarettes assist the smoker to become comfortable and relaxed with no problems of quitting.

Quitting cigarette isn’t a struggle nowadays for those smokers because there is a better and ideal alternative. So, the current generation has become enjoying cigarette smoking to some greater extent. Harmless feature of electric cigarettes is rocking the world.

What You Should Know About The E Cigarette

The e-cigarette is an electronic cigarette that is tar free and odourless. This unique cigarette is also free of carbon monoxide and is supposed to be an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. These cigarettes do produce a vapour that is similar to the smoke of a regular cigarette. And according to those that smoke these electronic cigarettes, they offer a similar satisfaction to that of tobacco cigarettes.

Since they do not have an odour, they can be smoked almost anywhere. The electronic cigarette affords smokers the opportunity to smoke without actually smoking. This is a unique smoking alternative comes in either nicotine or nicotine free varieties.

For those that select the nicotine variety, there are different concentrations of nicotine available, from minimum to high levels.

There is also an assortment of flavours available. The electronic cigarettes are run on batteries. They can be used just like a regular cigarette. They can be inhaled, giving the same feeling of smoking a tobacco cigarette but without the smoke. This is great to smoke around non-smokers that cannot breathe in regular cigarette smoke.

Electronic cigarettes come in all shapes, colours and sizes. They all basically resemble an actual cigarette. They are also some electronic cigarettes that look like long pens, which are referred to as the pen style models. Most electronic cigarettes are made to be refillable but there are also disposable electronic cigarette models.

There are a few different types of models that all function differently. The automatic models have sensors that detect when the smoker inhales; this will activate the heating device. The heating device vaporizes the nicotine solution that is filled in the mouthpiece of the electronic cigarette.

There are also manual models that smokers can use. The manual electronic cigarettes have a button that needs to be pressed in order to activate the heating device that produces the vapour. This vapour is then inhaled by the smoker.

Electronic cigarettes also have LED that light up at the end of the tube. This gives the illusion of a burning cigarette. Smokers really take in the experience of smoking a real cigarette without actually smoking a real cigarette. The light comes in many different fun colours, which makes this item even more unique. The actual body of the electronic cigarettes also come in different colours and patterns.

The electronic cigarettes are able to store nicotine inside a cartridge that is installed inside the tube. These cartridges can be refilled with nicotine whenever the supply runs out.

The nicotine is available in different strengths, depending on the smoker’s preference. They also come in an assortment of flavours. Some of the flavours are of different fruits while others are copies of different cigarette brands.

The e cigarette is a unique way for smokers to enjoy smoking without the use of tobacco. They can be purchased off or online and the prices will vary depending on the particular model. Smokers do tend to save money smoking these electronic cigarettes.

The Amazing Features Of Electronic Cigarettes

There has been an increased awareness globally on the various benefits of using electronic cigarettes, popularly known as e cigarettes. Basically, electronic cigarettes are devices designed to simulate and imitate regular cigarettes. Users will “smoke” a vapour emitted by the device and hence get the same sensation as if they were smoking a real cigarette.

The main aim of e cigarettes or electronic cigs is to make smoking less harmful to the user and in the process, help them quit the habit. Smoking of tobacco and tobacco products is very harmful to human health. It is important to take review electronic cigarette benefits in order to appreciate them.

To appreciate the benefits of e cigarettes, it is important to take a look at regular tobacco cigarettes and cigars. Cigarette smokers usually start off with the intention of having a good time, socializing and getting together with friends.

However, tobacco contains nicotine which is very addictive and before long, social smokers and fun smokers get hooked to the habit and will find it very difficult and almost impossible to quit the habit. Apart from the addiction aspect of tobacco, it also happens to contain a large number of toxins and poisonous substances.

E cigarettes act as very good alternatives to smokers. These electronic gadgets emit a vapour which is very safe and helps smokers beat the need or thirst for nicotine.

The vapour is generated from what is known as e-juice. This is a liquid made from plant material and is very safe. It is usually flavoured with some of the most amazing and exotic plant flavours including lavender, sage and spices.

The e-juice comes in many different variations which is good because different customers prefer different flavours. This way, all their needs are catered for.

If you wish to buy an electronic cigarette, then you should checkout the leading brands in the market. If you are on a budget, you may want to have a look at various affordable brands.

There is usually an appropriate electronic cigarette for every customer. One of the most popular brands in the market today is DanSmoke. This is an excellent e cigarette sold across Europe to different customers.

Customers can only purchase this electronic device via the Internet through the company’s website. Customers can choose between disposable cigarettes and rechargeable ones. There are different types of flavours available with different nicotine levels with some containing no nicotine at all.

These e products are only sold to adults who are at least 18 years of age. This is according to law. All products sold by Dan Smoke to the public are manufactured using the latest technology and the highest manufacturing standards in the market. This ensures that the products are safe for use, are of high standards and will provide customers with a high level of satisfaction.

Purchasing products online is simple. All that a customer has to do is choose their country of residents, click on its icon on a map and follow the instructions provided.

If you are looking to give up smoking, cut back on the quantity or wish to smoke in a much safer and less addictive environment, then you should consider electronic cigarettes. They offer their users a safer and healthier way to smoke. Users will avoid all the harmful substances and toxins contained in cigarette smoke.

The e-juice is a harmless liquid that produces a harmless vapour which is then inhaled. The electronic cigarette can be used in all places including all locations where cigarette smoking is banned.

Why E-Cigarettes Are The Best Choice

In electronic cigarettes, a certain ultrasonic or heating system that is used assists in vaporization of a liquid solution known as propylene glycol or in other words glycerine. This occurs in mist state which usually runs on the principle that aids in evaporation of a solution inhaled during cold times using a humidifier. A battery or a wired USB are usually connected to a power source hence provide needed heat for an e-cigarette.

Tobacco smoking usually involves inhaling of smoke, this is similar to electronic cigarettes but theirs is usually vapour. Electronic cigarettes not only do they provide an actual sensation but also a quite similar flavour as common cigarettes.

If you are dying to quit traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes are the best alternative and also from a health point of view are advisable for use.

To add onto this is that they are the best alternative for those who seek to save money so as not to be caught amidst economic problems as e-cigarettes save your money as compared to traditional cigarettes.

So as to support this point, it is well known that users of common cigarettes usually buy packs and packs of cigarettes but this is different for electronic cigarette users because by buying one, you have made a lifetime investment. This is due because you only buy one and henceforth reuse it as often as you want.

Those who use traditional cigarettes are usually prone to various disease s but this totally different when it comes to electronic cigarettes as they are completely safe hence no health problems. Electronic cigarettes also do provide the same sensation that you experience after having a traditional cigarette.

A major important point that has attracted people to use of electronic cigarettes is that they allow free smoking as compared to the rest. In the case of traditional cigarettes, smoke which is considered dangerous to those who surround you is emitted.

On the other hand, electronic cigarettes only emit vapour which is disease free. It’s only a matter of couple of seconds that vapour emitted by e-cigarettes disappears totally.

Unlike traditional cigarettes that are prohibited from smoking anywhere you feel like, electronic cigarettes give one the freedom of free will to do this and feel a sensation felt when smoking. There is absolutely no need for you to step out so as to smoke you may do it from where you are, always.

Electronic cigarettes do not contain tar or carbon monoxide hence why it’s wise to shift to them. As such you are free from illness as compared to traditional cigarettes that usually contain not less than four thousand harmful contents to improve your health.

Electronic cigarettes are socially accepted, affordable and healthy to anyone so are good for you. They are good if you have continuously failed trying to stop smoking too.

How To Help A Loved One Switch To E-Cigarettes

When you love someone, you want them by your side for as long as possible – and smoking cigarettes is definitely not the best way to do that. If you are not a smoker (or if you are not a smoker any longer), you will definitely want to make the loved ones around you quit smoking and decrease the risks that they develop a serious disease or medical condition.

Electronic cigarettes are definitely one of the best solutions for those who want to quit smoking because they can replace normal cigarettes almost identically. However, how do you make a loved one switch to vaping and leave the smoke behind them? Here are some ideas you may want to take into consideration:

Help Them See the Truth

It is very likely that the person (or persons) you love and are addicted to tobacco smoking knows very well which the risks of continuing this very bad habit are. They have probably heard it and read it a thousand times before: smoking kills.

Smoking can kill your nervous cells, it can deplete your energy, it can leave your immune system weak and, eventually, it can lead to very, very serious diseases involving high blood pressure, thickened arteries and even cancer. Your loved one probably knows this very well.

But other than simply showing him/her the facts, try to explain just how much you care about them. Explain them that you would like to see your children grow up together if that person is your husband or wife.

Explain them how you would like them to be the greatest grandparents or aunts in the world if they are other kinds of relatives (or even friends) to you. Tell them just how much they mean to you.

Show Them

Most of the cigarette smokers do not believe e-cigs can provide them with the same satisfaction until they actually try them. So, to convince them that this healthy alternative could actually be their way out of addiction, simply show them. Buy one electronic cigarette and give it to your loved one. Make it a surprise and convince them to try it out.

Make sure you choose a high quality electronic cigarette so that it really provides your important person with full satisfaction. If you don’t want to invest in an ego cigarette (or a cigarette with a refill tank, for that matter), then go for a cartridge option.

The main downfall with these is related to the fact that the cartridge doesn’t last for much long, it cannot be refilled, and in some cases, can be more expensive than refilling a tank with “e-liquid”.

However, for a beginner in the “science” of vaping, it can be a great gateway and it can provide him/her with everything she needs to make the switch. When learning more about e-cigs and what they can do, make sure to read the latest e-cig reviews.

Tell Them About The Options

There are a lot of variations when it comes to electronic cigarettes and the liquids they can be refilled with. Tell your loved one about larger cigarettes if they feel that they need that, tell them about the multitude of flavours available out there and tell them about the nice designs these e-cigs can take (especially if he/she is worried that the device will not look good and that it will look odd when used).

Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

The big question for many smokers is if electronic cigarettes really function as effectively as traditional cigarettes. This is because there has been no serious and conclusive study examining the effectiveness of e-cigs in terms of helping smokers to quit smoking.

The few studies that have been carried out have concluded that electronic cigarettes in deed do deliver nicotine thus they can be used as a suitable substitute by smokers.

Findings on their effectiveness to deliver nicotine indicate that e-cigs deliver nicotine more quickly and effectively compared to nicotine inhalers and traditional cigarettes.

The findings also indicate that even if electronic cigarettes do deliver nicotine faster, they do so in smaller doses of nicotine compared to tobacco cigarettes which is indeed effectively in terms of reducing cravings.

It is therefore accurate to conclude that electronic cigarettes work in terms of them being healthier and also helping smokers gradually fight the habit of smoking.

Most smokers have not yet tried electronic cigarettes however those who have claim that e-cigs reduce the urge to smoke gradually. This effect can be attributed to nicotine absorption. In fact, e-cigs that have no nicotine in them also produced this effect which is controversial however it can be attributed to smoking psychology.

Pros Of Electronic Cigarettes

The question ”do electronic cigarettes work?” can be answered by the arguments and truths of harm reduction which are tied around the notion that e-cigs provide a safer alternative by preventing smoking cessations.

E-cigs are also popular among non-smokers and young people thus they are slowly becoming cooler than smoking actual cigarettes. In actual sense using e-cigarettes does not necessarily act as a smoking cessation form. Instead, it acts as a nicotine replacement agent in the long-run which eliminates the need to smoke regular cigarettes.

It is important to note that there is no concrete evidence that exists that there are non-smokers using e-cigs and the popularity of electronic cigarettes has risen among this group. It is however accurate to conclude that the cigarettes offer a healthier and cooler way to smoke socially.

There is a popular argument regarding vapour e-cigs that it isn’t possible or accurate to compare non-combustible tobacco products with those that are combustible by using machines to measure things such as vapour and smoke. This is because in electronic cigarettes, there is actually no tobacco that is lit therefore we can conclude that electronic cigarettes have no combustion.

Apart from being healthy, e-cigs are also designed to work / look like traditional cigarettes thus they act as perfect replacements. In fact, not many people, even non-smokers will notice that you are smoking an e-cig if they are not very attentive.

The e-cigs designs make them look like classy sophisticated and expensive brands therefore acting as suitable replacements.

You, therefore, do not have to worry about e-cigs looking ugly and not working in a social setting. The design of e-cigs is solely based on replicating smoking tobacco thus they look and feel as real as possible.

Cons Of E-cigs

There is the argument that tobacco companies can’t be trusted to produce a suitable healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes that is safer.

In the recent past, many tobacco companies have introduced into the market products that they claimed were healthier. These claims however have come out to be false. It is for this reason that many smokers wonder if e-cigs might pose some hidden dangers.

It is however, important to note that e-cigs are not manufactured by tobacco companies. This may be true according to recent surveys however with the recent popularity of electronic cigarettes, things may have changed. We can thus not be sure that e-cigs are completely healthy as claimed by the companies that manufacture them.


In conclusion, the question: ”do electronic cigarettes work? ” can be answered with a confident yes. So far e-cigs have proven to be less harmful to smokers as opposed to traditional smokers. Although e-cigs popularity may not be that much, studies have shown that the demand is slowly rising especially in the social scene.

E-cigs are beginning to be accepted by smokers as a healthier alternative because they have similar effects. Researchers have also concluded that e-cigs are better because they eliminate tobacco effects by incorporating fewer ingredients.

10 Reasons To Switch To Electronic Cigarettes

When you’re researching whether or not to buy an e-cigarette, it may sometimes be hard to come across exactly how much they’ll be of benefit to you and your health. This article will go over the top 10 reasons why you should switch to e-cigarettes.

1. They’re Cheaper

That’s right, kick the traditional smoking habit and switch to e-cigarettes if you’re looking to have some extra padding in your wallet. E-cigarettes on average start to save the user money after the 40th day!

2. No Second Hand Smoking

If you’ve got kids in the house it’s sometimes frustrating to be a smoker. Instead of having to go outside, you can use your e-cigarette inside because they aren’t a health risk to anyone around you.

E-cigarettes produce no second hand smoke, meaning that you can smoke them inside without worrying about your children! They’re legal to smoke inside public places too, but ultimately that’s down to the owner to decide.

3. You Can Use It Wherever

There are some limitations, such as on airplanes or certain states across the US have banned them to be used inside public areas, but typically you’re still able to use them indoors without becoming a health risk to those around you.

4. Nicotine Levels Are Different

E-Liquid comes in a variety of strengths, meaning that you’re able to cater to your needs and pick whichever you like. Hell, if you’re feeling a bit exotic you can even get fruit flavours which come with a real hit of nicotine, so there’s something for everyone.

5. Tons Of Flavours

If you’re looking to spice things up a bit (pun not intended), you can try a wide variety of flavours that are available for your e-cigarette! It ranges from chocolate to blueberry, a flavour for everyone’s taste.

6. Your General Smell Will Improve

There’s nothing in the vapour from an e-cigarette to make you smell, meaning that your clothes and breath will no longer smell like smoke. You’ll begin to see the health benefits in as little as 48 hours from leaving traditional smoking!

7. No More Yellow Teeth

If you have yellow teeth from smoking or were worried about getting them, with an e-cigarette it’s not a concern. Yellow teeth cannot come about from using an e-cigarette, so it’s all goes from here!

8. They Are Not As Messy

If you used to roll your cigarettes by hand, you’ll know how messy they can be. E-cigarettes aren’t anywhere near as messy as traditional smoking means, although you could always be extremely clumsy and spill all of your e-Liquid, which by the way isn’t advised.

9. The Tip/Cherry Doesn’t Get Warm

Since the e-cigarette doesn’t burn any chemicals, or burn anything for that matter, the tip of the e-cigarette doesn’t heat up and become potentially dangerous. You also don’t have to worry about ash dropping everywhere you take it, meaning that it can be used inside without needing the vacuum on standby every time you want to light up.

10. They Are Fewer Chemicals Than A Tobacco Cigarette

Many users of electronic cigarettes enjoy the fact that there are fewer chemicals in an electronic cigarette. How many? Thousands!!! A traditional cigarette has over 4,000 chemicals, while a typical electronic cigarette has less than 12. While using an e-cig is not 100% safe, the amount of toxic chemicals is reduced and many people enjoy this fact the most.

The Most Common Styles Of Electronic Cigarettes

Different E-cig Models

There are a number of viable e-cig models on the market, each one possessing its own benefits and disadvantages. Electronic cigarettes are manufactured in a plethora of different styles, sizes and shapes, as well. There are countless suppliers eagerly awaiting customers who want to purchase their products.

If e-cigs are a relatively foreign concept to you, you may hesitate in your purchase, or purchase ill suited products altogether. Not all e-cigs are manufactured equally, and different e-liquids confer different effects. Altogether, e-cigs are typically categorized in one of three categories. They can either be mini, mid-sized, or mod.

1. Mini E-cigs

Mini e-cigs are also referred to as cig-a-like. If you are a first time e-cig user, then this may be the best transitional model of e-cigs that you can find on the market. This is the smallest available option, and it is highly portable and lightweight, conferring easy and simple use.

Comfortable and discreet, the option is ideal for novices. These are manufactured as either disposable or rechargeable. The most popular mini e-cig models are the KR808 and the 501 series. Furthermore, these series models come in different patterns. As you can see, e-cigs exist in great variety.

The pros of mini e cigs include the natural transition they provide for smokers, their small and lightweight structure, their discretion, affordability, as well as their lightweight nature for moderate smokers. The cons of using this model include the short battery life, and the lack of potency for heavy smokers.

2. Mid-sized

Mid-size e-cigs are one of the most popular styles for e-cig enthusiasts, as they are characterized by a small size, high vapour activity and extended battery life. If you are a heavy smoker seeking the right transition over to vapour, it is highly recommended that you begin with one of these midsized models.

The most popular midsized models include the kGo, tornado and the Riva. While this model may lack components of traditional smoking, it offers a strong vapour experience.

The pros of purchasing this model include the convenient size, doubled performance, fair pricing, and numerous options. The cons of using such a model are that it is larger than a typical cigarette, lack s automatic functions, and it is difficult to personalize its performance.

3. APV

And finally, another popular model is that of the advanced personal vaporizer, otherwise known as a mod. This is probably one of the best models available on the market because it truly intensifies the overall vaping experience. It usually resembles a robustly sized tube, and it consists of a variety of advanced features.

There are a number of advantages to using this model. It contains larger batteries, which offer more innovative functions that allow for enhanced device use. Because this model is very instructive, however, it should not be used by beginners.

This model works best for seasoned e-cig users who are familiar with the advanced functions of the vaping experience. Although this model has a number of different positive benefits, it requires manual use, and contains a very complex battery.

Buying Electronic Cigarettes

Congratulations on your interest in buying electronic cigarettes. They are definitely a much healthier and cleaner choice than regular tobacco cigarettes.

The electronic cigarette market has really taken off of late and of course there are a whole range of options to choose from. Below you’ll find a list of the most popular styles of e-cigarettes, along with the good and bad points about each.

Hopefully, this will make your electronic cigarette purchase an easier one.

1. The Super Cigarette:

This type of e-cig most closely resembles a traditional cigarette. In fact its biggest advantage is that it looks so much like a traditional cigarette that it aids the transition for regular cigarettes to e-cigs. This type also normally has good battery life and solid vapour production.

Some have complained that the cartridges need more frequent replacement, but my feeling is this is primarily based on the individual manufacturer/model.

2. The Mini Cigarette:

This one is a bit longer, roughly around the length of a pen, with about the same diameter. The Mini Cigarette is distinguished by its tapered mouth piece. Again, this type typically has good battery life and solid vapour production.

The major complaint about this variety is its relatively unfamiliar shape and size. If you’re coming off of a regular cigarette and going to the Mini, you will need to allow time to make the adjustment.

3. The Super Mini Is The Smallest Type Of E-cig.

Advantages include its compactness/carry anywhere design. The downside is diminished vapour, which severely hampers the smoking simulation. With the smaller size also comes a smaller battery, which means poorer battery performance.

4. The Disposable E-Cigarette:

These, as the name suggest, are throw-away after use e-cigs. Their major benefit is the convenience: no charging, replacing cartridges etc. On the other hand, many people have stated that they just aren’t as good as other types and over time, can become quite expensive.

Okay, so what’s my favourite electronic cigarette? The Super Cigarette! For me, the close resemblances to a regular cigarette, vapour and batter performance are the most important factors. The Super Cigarette is what allows me to experience smoking… without smoking.

But don’t rush Buying Electronic Cigarettes Just Yet!

Even though you may have an idea about the “type” of smokeless cigarette you are interesting in, you also need to consider the particular models and electronic cigarette company.

Many of the early models were fraught with problems. Fortunately, overtime the manufacturing standards of a number of electronic cigarette companies have risen exponentially. We’ve outlined on this website what we’ve learned are the top of the line electronic cigarette companies and models.

Hopefully, this information along with the other information on this website, will aid you in making a sound decision when buying an electronic cigarette.

5 Tips For Using The New Electronic Cigs

Electronic cigs are a relatively new phenomenon and as such, there’s usually a bit of a learning curve in order to get the most out of your new purchase. Here we’ll discuss a number of basic things you should do to maximize your electronic cigs purchase.

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Electronic Cigs:

1. Get the Extras: The two things that you will “burn” through the most are the batteries and atomizers (assuming a 3-piece cigarette). Before you actually invest in these extras, make sure that you are happy with your particular brand/model. There are quite a few models in the market and it’s very likely that you’ll try at least a couple before settling.

2. The USB pass-through and Car charger: These are excellent options for charging on the go or at your computer. Green Smoke actually offers USB electronic cigs that are an ingenious e-cigarette that you can leave attached to your computer and “vape” at your desk.

3. Watch your nicotine level: Electronic cigs normally come with a 5 cartridge pack and you have to option of specifying the nicotine level with your purchase.

The important thing to remember here is that like most “new toys”, you will find yourself vaping at every opportunity! This means that you may end up ingesting far more nicotine than you are accustomed to with tobacco cigarettes.

The best practice here would be to start with a much lower dosage than you think you need. Once the novelty has worn off, then you can re-up with your regular nicotine level.

4. They’re Electronic Cigs, not cigarettes: The drag or inhale on an electronic cigarette is different that a regular cigarette. It takes a little getting used to, but once you’re accustomed to it, it will become second nature.

What you need to do is take a longer and slower pull on the e-cig. This way you will take in the maximum amount of vapour. If you short, hard pulls, you will end up with less vapour and possibly swallowing a little of the liquid nicotine in the process.

5. Swap out those atomizers: If you’re electronic e-cigs are of the 3 piece variety, and then an important practice to adopt is frequently changing the atomizer. The atomizer is the component that heats the liquid nicotine and produces the vapour.

Overtime atomizers can become clogged and when this occurs, the amount of vapour produced is reduced. This problem is easily solved by simply replacing the atomizer on a regular basis. The frequency that you should replace the atomizer will depend on your own vaping habits and the particular model of atomizer you use.

So there you have it. By simply following these tips, you will be well on your way to getting the most out of your new electronic cigs.