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Apollo Ecigs are one of the best substitutes to traditional tobacco based cigarettes. There is nothing to burn in these e-cigarettes and there is no need to put on fire on them.

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Smoking is very harmful to health. Almost everyone knows about the harmful effects of smoking. Even the persons, who are chain smokers, are aware about the harmful influences of smoking.

Smoking is the main cause of diseases like cancer, heart attack, lungs problems and many more. Though the smokers are aware about these things, still they cannot give up smoking because they are too addicted to it.

There are many supplements which promises to make the smokers enable of getting rid of smoking. But it is a matter of sorrow that there is almost no use of taking those supplements. So, there should be an alternative which can provide the same flavour of cigarettes without the harmful effects. Apollo E-cigs are just that.

So What Is Apollo Ecigs?

Apollo Ecigs are one of the best substitutes to traditional tobacco based cigarettes. There is nothing to burn in these e-cigarettes and there is no need to put on fire on them.

There are many more benefits of using the e cigarettes instead of the tobacco based traditional cigarettes. There is not smoke and smell when you are taking these cigarette.

So, no harm is done to the people around you when you are smoking in the public places. If you need nicotine free e-cigs, then surely Apollo Ecigs are the best choice.

You have the option of choosing from nineteen different flavours as well as five different nicotine levels. You will also be provided with a warranty of 12 months. There is no fee is required for the shipping and you will get your product in no time after the order.

Here Are The Main Features And Benefits Of Apollo Ecigs:

1. Presentation Of The Package

When you will see the packs of the Apollo Ecigs you will get a positive impression straight away. Though the product presentation of Apollo Ecigs is very much simpler, still you will be attracted after seeing it.

The opening process of Apollo Ecigs is very easy as well. This feature leaves all the other e-cigarettes way behind Apollo Ecigs as it is harder to open those other packs.

There are two colours available. One is black and the other is white. There are two layers on the cigarette box. At the upper part of the layer, five cartridges along with two cigarettes are arranged and under the upper layer, the chargers are presented.

Three types of chargers are available which are the USB charger, the wall charger and the car charger. With the car charger, you can charge the cigarettes even on the go. With the use of all these chargers, you are ensured of a good battery life.

2. Battery

You are guaranteed more than 200 puffs with a fully charged battery of Apollo Ecigs. That is very impressive. The competitors of the Apollo Ecigs just want to copy the traditional cigarette look and provide the users with batteries which are not that good looking. But the batteries of Apollo Ecigs are very attractive looking.

As you have the multiple chargers of Apollo Ecigs, there is no need to worry about the powerless batteries as you have a lot of charging options. For recharging a dried out battery of Apollo Ecigs, you will not require more time than just a few minutes. For more advanced battery life, you can also purchase the ultra-battery of Apollo Ecigs.

With the ultra battery, you can use the cigarettes up to three hundred puffs. So, you will not find more battery life than the Apollo Ecigs on the other e-cigarettes. That is a good reason why should you choose these.

3. Voluminous Vapour

Among the things which decide the differences between the e-cigarettes and traditional tobacco cigarettes, the vapour volume released after every puff is a vital one.

You will get an absolutely throat hitting volume on each and every puff of Apollo Ecigs. You will enjoy your puff very much and there is no problems encountered while taking the vapour in your throat.

4. Flavours

Apollo Ecigs are offering you a wide range of different flavours. You can choose from 19 flavours which are totally different from each other. You can enjoy whatever you want.

Though there are 19 flavours, still the most different flavour is the tobacco flavour. The smoking experience is made highly interesting with the flavours like vanilla, blueberry, mango, banana cream, menthol etc.

5. Gift

If you purchase a standard kit of $69.95, you will be gifted with a battery case which is portable. This portable case of batteries improves the flexibility. The sleek design and attractive colours have made this gifted battery a desired one too like the other accessories.

6. Worth Of Your Money

When you are spending a lot of money after the traditional cigarettes, there is a great loss. There are some people who need a whole packet of cigarettes and they need to pay a lot for purchasing a full packet of traditional cigarettes. But your money value is wasted.

If you purchase the Apollo Ecigs, your money value will not be wasted. You will be able to purchase a starter pack costing only at an affordable price. You can use the packs for years.

You can purchase them without the starter packs as well. If you want to buy five cartridges pack of the Apollo Ecigs, you will have to pay only $20. Your money will be saved and you will be provided with the products which will ensure the whole value of your money.

7. Various Starter Kits

There are mainly two different starter kits of Apollo Ecigs. The first one is known as the standard starter kit which contains two chargers, two batteries and five cigarette cartridges. On the other kit which is known as the extreme starter kit, offers three different chargers, more advanced batteries along with the cartridges.

8. Other Facilities

The additional facilities of Apollo Ecigs are very good. You will get a one year warranty along with money back guarantee of one month. The customer services and shipping is quite fast as well. So, there is no reason you will choose other e-cigs over Apollo Ecigs.

E-cigs Advantages And Benefits

E-cigs are ash free, tar free and smell free which makes it a lot better than tobacco-based cigarettes. These fake plastic slims are a lot similar to the real thin except the fact that nothing actually burns in them. The smoke from electronic cigarettes is actually only water vapour which is harmless to one’s lungs.

A lot of Electronic Cigarette Reviews are rampant on the internet and among the sea of hundreds of e-cig brands; Apollo Extreme is one of the best brands that suit users taste. Apollo gives its users the freedom to choose the level of nicotine concentration on the e-cig.

Apollo offers nicotine free electronic cigarettes with cartridges that come with a variety of flavours. Users would find this a treat as compared to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Instead of getting the foul smell accompanied by tobacco smoke, users would smell as fragrant as a ripe fruit.

Electronic Cigarette Reviews from different internet companies and users alike actually test these electronic cigarettes themselves and gather important details with accuracy and honest remarks.

As electronic cigarettes do not have the extra harmful chemicals added in tobacco smoke, the chances of people getting second hand smoke is none point none. Apollo Extreme’s electronic cigarettes come at a pocket friendly cost.

Apollo Extreme’s Package Presentation

Most Electronic Cigarette Review reveal that a single package of Apollo Extreme e-cigs come with 19 different flavours and five different nicotine levels to choose from. It has a Money Back Guarantee for a 30 day period and a 12 month warranty.

Apollo Extreme has a free shipping fee with a fast delivery process. It also has quite a simple package presentation which is pleasant for most users. The package is easy to open with no complicated design and extra useless things included.

Apollo’s package leaves the rest of its competitors behind as most of them have complicated package presentation which makes it difficult for customers to open. An Electronic Cigarette Review is also provided for people new to the wonders of using an electronic cigarette.

Apollo offers a Live Support Service that is simply incredible. Apollo has a starter kit that looks sleek and attractive either with the all white or all black package that’s magnetically attached to the box with both the company logo and product briefing found on top. The box has two layers where two electronic cigarettes are found side by side as well as five cartridges on the upper presentation layer.

The chargers which include a wall, USB and car chargers are found beneath the first partition. The car charger is an extra feat for people who are always on the go.

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