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How Discount Electronic Cigarettes Provide Smokers With Healthier Smoking?

How Discount Electronic Cigarettes Provide Smokers With Healthier Smoking

Many people and long time smokers are finding out that the new electronic cigarette is a great device that actually works but also to help them smoke in a healthier way. Many people are unique, manufacturers have created so many different types of the electronic cigarette to fulfil every smokers needs. Due to the many different types of E cigarettes, I am going to show you how to choose an electric cigarette that’s right for you.

As with these E cigarettes, there are many varieties of smokers as well. Some people are casual smokers and only light up here and there and others are heavy smokers which at certain times of the day or after a meal they just have to light up a cigarette. Luckily, there is an electric cigarette designed especially for each different type of cigarette smoker.

In order to determine what type of electric cigarette is going to be perfect for your smoking style, you will need to address what type of smoker you are.

Are you a heavy or casual smoker? The reason why you need to ask yourself this is because the electronic cigarette companies design a variety of batteries that last longer than others. Some batteries only last about as many puffs as you would take smoking a total of 6 cigarettes.

Other batteries are created to have longer life for heavy smokers which would be equal to about 250 puffs. If you are a heavy smoker you will want to get a battery that has longer life, these batteries are usually called 100′s and will look slightly longer than the regular electronic cigarette batteries.

Next, you will want to find an electric cigarette that has a wide variety of nicotine cartridges. Most nicotine cartridges vary from the highest level of nicotine which is 16mg to the lowest level which is about 2mg. There are even 0mg of nicotine for people who just want to get the feel of smoking but without getting the nicotine.

These 0mg cartridges are also great for smokers who like to wean themselves off smoking entirely. Once the smoker starts off with the 16mg and gradually works their way down to the lowest level of nicotine and when they eventually reach the 0 mg level, they have pretty much beat the smoking habit.

When choosing an electric cigarette you must make sure that is fits your smoking style. If you are a heavy smoker and you just purchase a starter kit with a small battery, you will find yourself using the electronic cigarette and having to wait for the battery to recharge. That is why; there are starter kits that come with 2 batteries that way when one is on the charger you can still smoke while it is charging.

When all smokers have their own views, each person will have their own views about how to choose an electronic cigarette that is right for you. It really doesn’t matter which Electric cigarette you choose just as long as you are happy with it and you will realize that you have just taken a huge step in becoming tobacco free!

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