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How Good Are Electric Cigarettes?

How Good Are Electric Cigarettes

Smoking in itself poses a myriad of hazards; so, the introduction and continuous development of the electric cigarettes must be really good news to smokers not willing to give up the habit yet wary of the inherent hazards.

The introduction into the market of e-cigs, as they are fondly known, must have increased the number of smokers as it attracts even those who previously would not have tried this habit. Outlined below are some of the benefits of switching to e-cigarettes.

– Electric cigarettes contain no tar and toxins and the health risk from smoking tobacco cigarettes is greatly reduced. Tobacco cigarettes contain thousands of toxins that pose a great hazard especially to the respiratory system.

Numerous health problems are linked to regular cigarette smoking due to the poisonous substances in them. This alone is one of the greatest deterrents from smoking for those who have not started. With cleaner and reasonably healthier e-cigarettes now available, more people are bound to try this habit.

– If there is any health risk from smoking electric cigarettes, it is greatly diminished by the fact that, these cigarettes allow for less smoking. When a regular tobacco cigarette is lit up, there is a tendency to take all the puffs it can offer and smoke all of it even though the urge may have dissipated with only a few puffs. However, with the e-cigarette, you only need to take a few puffs and put it safely away for next time. This actually means that one smokes less.

– E-cigarettes are a lot less expensive than regular cigarettes. A pack of regular cigarettes costs about $6, while a cartridge for e-cigs, which is equivalent to a whole pack of tobacco cigs, costs only $2. Refillable cartridges are even greater money savers since one pack refill costs only $1.

– Second hand smoke is obviously worse than smoking itself and this is one of the advantages that electric cigarettes have over tobacco cigarettes. There is no smoke produced, instead a water vapour is what comes out, which disappears within a few seconds into thin air. It is therefore safer to ‘smoke’ e-cigarettes in homes and in public.

– E-cigarettes are not harmful to the environment, they could even be beneficial. This is due to the fact that they produce water vapour instead of smoke and are therefore a boost to the green environment crusade.

– A definite plus for e-cigarette smokers is that you can smoke anywhere, anytime. Since no harmful smoke is emitted, there is no need to move out of non-smoking areas. So go ahead and enjoy your nicotine fix in restaurants, at the work place and even at airports and banks.

– Tobacco smokers are generally charged higher premiums by insurance firms as they are placed in the high risk category. Once you switch to electric cigarettes and inform your insurance company, the monthly premiums are bound to lower considerably.

– E-cigarette smokers enjoy better health than their tobacco smoking counterparts. The hazardous effects of tar, carbon monoxide and other harmful toxins in the tobacco are eliminated in the e-cigs making your skin better and brighter for starters and breathing is improved.

– The beauty of e-cigarettes is that there is no need to carry a lighter or matches to light up. This non-flammable aspect is also beneficial in that it takes lesser time to initiate the enjoyment of the cigarette. Simply at the touch of a button or by a short inhalation process, the cigarette is in use. It also means lesser things to carry around.

– The non-flammable advantage of the e-cig means that there are no ashtrays since there is no flame and therefore, no debris in form of ash and used up filters. The smoking process is clean and that means that the environment is also left clean.

– Cigarette burns are a common occurrence for tobacco smokers but this is not the case for electric cigarette smokers. Almost every tobacco smoker gets a burn from cigarettes at some point, including burns on clothes, seats and other surfaces.

With the e-cigarette, there is no flame and the LED light that goes lights up only when a puff is taken and goes off when the there is no inhalation is taking place. When not in use, the cigarette can safely be put in the pocket with no danger of burns, ready for the next use.

– Probably the greatest advantage of smoking e-cigarettes is the fact that no one has to know you have a habit until you ‘light up’. This is definitely a great boost for self esteem because the telltale smoker signals such as tobacco smell and stained teeth are eliminated fully. Tobacco smokers have to constantly deal with stained teeth and usually have to get strong perfumes to camouflage the tobacco odour.

The electric cigarette is a relatively new invention and certainly with time and new research, it will be the preferred choice for all smokers. With the reduced risks to human health and the boost for a cleaner environment, it should be the only choice for smokers.

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