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How To Start Using Electronic Cigarette?

How To Start Using Electronic Cigarette

Electronic cigarette is an electronic device that resembles the usual tobacco cigarettes. The device is used to provide smokeless, harmless and safe method of introducing nicotine into the lung, rather than burning or smoking cigarette as is done with the natural tobacco cigarette.

As far back as 50 decades ago, smoking had been adopted by people of Europe and America primarily as means to take pleasure. It was said that when farmers were preparing their lands for agricultural purposes, they either intentionally or accidentally burnt some plants of which the odour coming out of the combustion scented pleasant.

And even at that time, the prevailing cold weather was found to have little effect on farmers that burnt their plants and inhaled their scents. From here, smoking evolved into the practice of idealists and priests who always light up fragrance for the purpose of their religion traditions.

This same tradition has found itself among contemporary religion groups who use some natural cigarette in form of scents to invoke spirits and make contact with the spiritual world. From there, cigarettes became source of delights and public tools to the contemporary world. Cigarettes are consumed by over forty percent of the world, and are mostly a practice and habit among men.

Electronic cigarette is a more alternative means of breaking off from incessant smoking of tobacco cigarette. Smokers are now more aware that smoking electronic cigarettes is more advantageous to that of natural tobacco and so have adopted this electronic system in place of tobacco cigarette.

Some findings carried out showed that people adopt electronic cigarette to that of tobacco cigarettes for ease of use of the later one (that is electronic cigarette) The electronic cigarette consists of a cartridge of nicotine substance and some forms of circuitry that heats up the substance to provide smoke or vapour similar to tobacco cigarette.

The lithium ion battery that light up electronic cigarette charges up very quickly and retains the charge for a very long time. Compare to the lighting of tobacco cigarette which only last for about five puffs of the cigarette life, electronic cigarette is more convenience to be used than the tobacco one. A stick of electronic cigarette lasts more than even several packs of tobacco cigarette.

One other reason is cost of procuring the cigarette. Smoking tobacco cigarette is quite expensive. A pack of tobacco cigarette costs a lot of money and when it has to be bought regularly, maybe one or two packets in every three days, the cost implication is very awesome.

With the prevailing economy crises in the whole world, smoking has become expensive and worrisome that adoption of electronic cigarette is the order of the day. Smokers can save lots of money by buying a stick or roll of electronic cigarette and use for a very long time.

There are some expendable E-cigarettes which consist of disposable cartridges, atomizers and batteries that could be bought at affordable prices. Even the nicotine flavours of choice can be obtained as well. Smokers will still get the same substance as needed by them on a regular basis if they adopt the use of electronic cigarette.

Imagine when only a stick is purchased once while refill of the cartridges is the only thing that will be bought for a very long time, smokers have completely decided to choose electronic cigarette. Even in some situations, the manufacturer of E-cig put extra cartridge without extra charge for buyers to convince and charge them into leaving the dangerous life of smoking tobacco cigarette.

Electronic cigarette is more affordable by every category of people based on their income. Same pleasures and substance are equally obtained from smoking the two types of cigarette.

Most electronic cigarettes do not bring out smoke when in use. This single characteristic has made electronics cigarette more suitable for use in public places and where smoking is prohibited.

Electronic cigarette improves smokers’ social life as they are not in any way looking fragile and smelling like typical tobacco cigarette smokers. People do not have to be afraid of mingling with electronic cigarette consumers in anywhere they are.

When one is about to start with electronic cigarette, it is advisable to start with an expendable one. The expendable type electronic cigarette comes with the same basic components of electronic cigarette and is less expensive than the conventional one. In addition to this expendable e-cigarettes have cartridges nicotine contents that last longer than ten or more normal tobacco cigarette.

Different flavours (Menthol, tobacco, etc) can be procured with same nicotine substance like that of conventional tobacco cigarette. The essence of starting with the expendable types is to be able to try various types of flavours before deciding on which one to adopt.

Expendable or starter kit e-cigarettes are made of good quality products. They taste better than the normal electronic cigarette. The only side effect is that expendable e-cigarette is not reusable like the more durable electronic cigarette.

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