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The Smoke Tip is by far one of the lowest-priced electronic cigarettes in the marketplace with better quality than the highly-priced ones.

SmokeTip electronic cigarettes and accessories give you the best value for money with their simple, effective, and easy-to-use products. The company is also very active in offering deals and promos to their customers that will result in bigger savings.

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We found these products are better alternative or related to SmokeTip Electronic Cigarette.
With the increasing demand for electronic cigarettes, people nowadays don’t know which brand to trust and use. It’s amazing how fast cigarette users have realized the importance of using electronic cigarettes instead of the old and conventional ones.

Smokers are looking for a way to continue smoking, but get rid of some of the side effects. Smoke Tip e-cigarettes just might give them this opportunity. Plus, these e-cigarettes are a great way for smokers to finally kick the habit. So, how do these electronic cigarettes work?

This electronic cigarette review will be all about the (so they claim) most trusted brand by consumers called “Smoke Tip.” Find out why it’s the choice of a lot of consumers today.

At present, The Smoke Tip is by far one of the lowest-priced electronic cigarettes in the marketplace with better quality than the highly-priced ones. Another bonus that consumers can get is it’s free shipping service and lifetime warranty.

Smoke Tip electronic cigarette features sturdy built and high quality of materials used in its body-casing and over-all build. The 2-piece design makes it so much easier to use and clean.

Smoke Tip has come to realize that non-value adding promotions will only attract customers but won’t keep them satisfied. Without the blows and whistles, Smoke Tip is still the much preferred brand because of its high value towards high quality but low cost products.

In this review, we will take a look at one such company, SmokeTip, which is said to be the most advanced electronic cigarette on the market today.

The Company

SmokeTip is an online retailer of electronic cigarettes and accessories. It was established in 2009 in response to the growing need for a better alternative to traditional smoking.

The company focuses on creating new products and improving on existing products in order to provide customers with the most enjoyable electronic cigarette experience possible. It also aims to provide the most affordable electronic cigarettes on the market.

What is SmokeTip?

SmokeTip is well known as it uses the most advanced technology in electronic cigarette in the current market. The design of the cigarette is outstanding with two piece design where once can refill the cartridge very easily with all new atomizer.

SmokeTip e-cigarettes offer 19 flavours and advanced technology that makes it easy to smoke an electronic cigarette without having to take huge drags. If you’re looking for a cigarette that will help you quit your smoking habit and allow you to ditch traditional cigarettes forever, SmokeTip e-cigarettes are a good choice.

Smoke Tips has called their unique design as ‘Eazy Drag System’ and they have claimed the name accordingly by providing the very smooth dragging system for the smokers.

SmokeTip is not trying to impress the customers with different starter kits as of other brands but they are focus on one kit to give a complete satisfaction in the same kit for the customers.

SmokeTip Flavour and Experience

SmokeTip offers 19 flavours, including: regular, cowboy, menthol, mild menthol, almond, apple, blueberry, banana, cherry, chocolate, cinnamon, clove, coffee, grape, orange, peach, pineapple, strawberry, vanilla, and watermelon. This is well beyond the usual assortment that most electronic cigarette company’s offer.

If you’re looking for a huge range of flavours, SmokeTip is a great option. The flavours are also very intense, smooth, and natural. There is no unpleasant aftertaste with these flavours.

SmokeTip electronic cigarettes are also very easy to use. They start up with no problem and both the cartridges and batteries have a decent life, so you won’t constantly be trying to replace cartridges and recharge batteries.

The look of SmokeTip e-cigarettes is very similar to that of traditional cigarettes, making them an even better choice for people who are trying to quit cigarettes. They even feel like traditional cigarettes in use – you don’t have to take a huge drag to feel a throat hit or the flavour.

Like all electronic cigarette companies, SmokeTip does offer a starter kit. The problem is that there’s only one starter kit to choose from. SmokeTip has tried to make this starter kit as comprehensive as possible, and it is quite affordable, so it may make more sense for you than a company offering dozens of kits at elevated prices.

If you are looking for e-liquids or three-piece e-cigarettes with more options for blending flavours, SmokeTip does not offer them. SmokeTip is best if you are looking for lots of options in cartomizer e-cigarettes and don’t want to bother with customizing your e cigarette experience a lot.

SmokeTip Cool Features

SmokeTip allows you to buy an e cigarette cleaning kit if you want to make the life of your battery last even longer. This is a cool feature you don’t often see on websites selling electronic cigarettes.

Another nice product is the 350mAh lithium battery, which lasts almost twice as long as regular electronic cigarette batteries. If you’re looking for something a little different, SmokeTip also sells electronic cigars. They even offer disposable e-cigarettes, which are a simple way to get started without having to worry about rechargeable batteries.

Their Bestseller

SmokeTip’s most popular product is their SmokeTip Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit. For only $59.95, you will get the following items:

  • 2 rechargeable lithium batteries – These unique 3.6V lithium batteries are guaranteed to be long lasting with an electric charge of 180mAh. Depending on usage, these batteries may last from four hours to three days. They come with a convenient light indicator that will blink rapidly when battery life is running out.
  • 5 flavour cartridges – SmokeTip cartridges included in the starter kit come in the traditional regular or menthol flavours. However, when buying refills, you will have 17 other interesting flavours to choose from. They also come with varying levels of nicotine content from 0mg to 16mg.
  • 1 wall adapter – This top-of-the-line wall adapter is used with the USB charger. It will fit any standard outlet and will charge your SmokeTip within 2 to 3 hours.
  • 1 USB charger – Charging your SmokeTip has been made easier and more convenient with this USB charger that may be used on any functioning USB port.
  • 1 gift box packaging – Whether getting one for yourself or for a friend, the SmokeTip starter kit comes in a sleek and attractive box. The inside of the box contains the easy-to-follow instructions on how to use your electronic cigarette.

Does The SmokeTip Actually Work? Is it A Scam?

The SmokeTip is an electronic cigarette that’s perfect for someone new to these products and looking for something affordable that works well. The SmokeTip produces a “just right” amount of vapour and each battery lasts about four or five hours. This is plenty to get you through an entire long work shift plus commute if you take the spare, fully charged battery with you.

The flavours help increase the appeal of this product quite a bit. The “cowboy” flavour is a phenomenal recreation of Marlboro and there are dozens of other flavours available. Clove is especially popular because clove cigarettes were banned entirely in the US a few years ago and had a rather large fan base.

This product is simple to use and people brand new to electronic cigarettes can use it without any hassle at all. Many choose this as their very first e-cig because of its simplicity.

The Pros

SmokeTip offers smokers who want to switch from conventional cigarettes to e cigarettes a very affordable and easy to use starter kit that comes with all the items they need. The two-piece design of the SmokeTip is very user friendly.

Buying the starter kit is convenient for consumers, and because SmokeTip has only one starter kit to offer, there is no confusion about what to buy. Buying your first starter kit at SmokeTip will be pretty straightforward.

What sweetens the deal is the fact that your starter kit comes with free shipping within 1-3 days. There is also a 100% lifetime warranty on the rechargeable lithium batteries. Anytime your rechargeable SmokeTip battery stops working, you will get a replacement battery delivered with your next order, for as long as you live.

SmokeTip stands out from other electronic cigarettes because each replacement cartridge comes with a new atomizer. This will assure a fresh and effective delivery system every single time. You will not have to worry about blocked atomizers or buying expensive replacement atomizers because you have a new one in every cartridge.

SmokeTip also features an Eazy-Drag System that makes each puff smooth and effortless. The wide variety of flavours to choose from also adds to the unique smoking experience offered by SmokeTip.

The flavours are very mild and subtle, making the smoking experience ultimately pleasurable. SmokeTip also offers variety packs that contain one of each distinct flavour, allowing you to sample all the flavours they offer.

The Cons

Some users have noted that the lithium batteries tend to run out quite fast. The important thing to remember here is that battery life largely depends on frequency of use. It is no surprise if a heavy smoker will find that the battery of his SmokeTip runs out easily.

The advantage is that the starter kit comes with 2 batteries; thus, you will never really run out of batteries for your SmokeTip. In addition, the lifetime warranty on the batteries also assures you that you can continue to enjoy your SmokeTip for years to come.

The official website of SmokeTip is pretty straightforward and may be a bit boring to some. Tweaking of the website to elicit a little more excitement could be useful.

SmokeTip – Side Effects

The SmokeTip doesn’t have any side effects. The maximum nicotine you can order in the cartridges is 16mg while most other companies offer 18 or 24. This starts you off at the perfect amount if you’re considering quitting completely in the future.

You’ll still get the side effects of the actual nicotine and you probably have felt these for a long time if you’re a smoker. While smoking, you can have an increase in blood pressure.

But, Why Should You Buy This Product?

But, why should you buy this product when there are so many other products available? Buying an e-cigarette cleaning kit makes this product worthwhile.

In fact, using this kit makes your battery last even longer. Plus, the 350mAh lithium battery already lasts twice as long as regular batteries, so this product will last a lot longer than some competitor’s products.

If you’re looking for convenience you can also buy their disposable cigarettes, which you can throw away after the cartridge runs out. But, let’s say you’re a cigar smoker, is this really for you? Yes, because they also offer electronic cigars.

When you buy any product you’re also putting your trust in their company. So, is this a company you can trust? This particular company offers decent customer service for when something goes wrong with your product, or if you just have a question.

And, you can get in touch with them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Plus, a lot of the customers who call customer service have reported the staffs are very polite and professional.

According to the company, for every three 10-packs of cartridges you buy you receive a free battery, which is a really good deal. But, they’ll even send you free batteries when your current battery dies. This is a fantastic marketing strategy because while you stay dedicated to this company you’ll never have to buy batteries again.

Essentially, they’re offering you a life time warranty on batteries when you buy their product. Plus, the batteries all come in different colours, so it’s easy to customize your electronic cigarette. If nothing else, they’re loyal to their customers.

So, if you’re looking to quit smoking, or just smoke a different device, this is a decent company. But, remember there are a vast number of electronic cigarette companies. For this reason, you should do some research and pick the company you feel comfortable with.

Customer Support

Long before you order your first SmokeTip e-cigarettes, you will notice that the company offers great customer service. They offer free shipping on all orders, and it’s easy to reach them 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to place an order or ask questions. The staff member I spoke with was polite and professional.

If you buy three 10-packs of cartridges, they will even throw in a free battery. In fact, with SmokeTip, you will never have to worry about batteries again. Not only will you be getting free batteries, but SmokeTip will send you a free battery if your current one dies.

Basically, there is a lifetime warranty on all SmokeTip batteries. The batteries come in some very bright, fun, colours too, so you can customize your e-cigarettes. Little touches like this make it easy to work with SmokeTip. They also ship quickly, ensuring they get your electronic cigarette without a long wait.

Overall Smoke Tip Electronic Cigarette

If you’re looking for a reliable, high quality but low-cost electronic cigarette, then Smoke Tip is the right one for you. For only $59.95, you can already have your own starter kit, with free shipping and lifetime warranty. With the availability of several flavours to choose from, you can never get wrong with this product.

Smoke Tip has really livened up with its name in providing high quality electronic cigarettes without the added cost. Most of all, the customer service that they give is also exemplary, keeping customers satisfied all the time.

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