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Safe Cig identifies itself as a safer alternative to smoking—one that doesn’t have all the harmful chemicals and additives— the ash and bad smell you get with smoking.

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With its innovative and contemporary design, The Safe Cig electronic cigarettes put the ‘safety and saving’ in the act of smoking. The nicotine dosage is managed and the harmful chemicals are zero compared to the thousands of carcinogens present in traditional tobacco cigarettes.

A unique new accessory of The Safe Cig is the Euro Wall Charger which is a must for residents and travellers of Europe. Because of voltage difference, e-cigarettes cannot be charged in Europe when using the normal means. But the Euro Wall Charger is completely compatible to the electronic system in Europe.

The Safe Cig also has a manual along with a complete Starter Kit where all the steps are listed to help give the smoker a jump-start into the much healthier habit of electronic cigarettes.

What Exactly Is Safe Cig?

Safe Cig is the most very user-friendly, transitional e-cig available. As a brand, they seem to be focused on reaching customers who may not know about, or may never have tried e-cigs. This makes them a very good choice for smokers who want to do some research to find out more about how e-cigs work.

Safe Cig identifies itself as a safer alternative to smoking—one that doesn’t have all the harmful chemicals and additives— the ash and bad smell you get with smoking.

So, they appeal to customers who share these concerns. This branding is helped by a sleek and uncluttered design. When you open up the kit you find a well-composed user manual— and also a getting started guide that helps new users to get going.

How Does The Safe Cig Actually Perform?

The simple answer is: exceptionally well. The battery is very responsive and you get a very satisfying first drag with superb vapour-production. Unlike with some other brands, you won’t need to take those first few massive pulls in order to ‘prime it.’ And as I’ve said, the vapour production is exceptional with Safe Cig. This is probably down to the design. Safe Cig uses an extended connection that attaches the cartomizer to the battery. That’s how they achieve a superior level of vapour production.

Safe Cig produces a thick billowy cloud of vapour that looks just like real smoke. Plus the battery is very realistic looking and feeling. For instance, the battery looks just like a real cigarette. Safe Cig even has little rings on the battery like those on some traditional brands.

Even the cartomizers look just like the real thing—complete with little flecks like those on the filter of a traditional cigarette. This may seem trivial, but for some people, when they’re trying to quit, details like this can have a significant impact. They can make a vapour feel much more comfortable with the product.

Safe Cig also do a good job getting the feel right. The weight feels right when you hold it in your hand. The texture feels correct. It could almost pass for a traditional cigarette—which adds to the experience, and is something you really appreciate—even as someone who has tried virtually every brand of e-cigs available.

Apart from vapour production, the other key element to any total vaping experience is flavour. Like several other major e-cig manufacturers, Safe Cig has only a few flavour options to choose from.

They have 3 basic flavours: traditional, classic and menthol. They have some more variety in their international line, but you won’t find any flavours called ‘wild chocolate cherry’ or ‘pineapple sunburst’.

But that’s not a big deal because their basic flavours are quite good.

The bottom line is Safe Cig is an excellent brand. They work very hard to educate their customers about the e-cigs, and offer a high quality vaping experience. So, for newbie and pros alike, they’re an excellent choice.

Will I Find A Refill Flavour I Like?

Certainly, you will find. We believe the biggest problem with most electronic cigarette companies is that they never both to look past the typical “USA Tobacco” and “Menthol” flavours when creating their product line-ups. The beauty of electronic cigarettes is the fact that they can do and be so much more than real cigarettes.

Only an electronic cigarette can take you to the four corners of the world with tastes of the Tropics, the Orient, the Middle East and South America — without creating any actual smoke, so why not take advantage of that? We believe that Safe Cig capitalizes on the strengths of the e-Cigarette like no other company.

How Does The Safe Cig E-Cigarette Compare To Other Brands?

For one, the Safe Cig Micro is significantly smaller than most other electronic cigarettes. The Safe Cig Micro is the same size as a real cigarette, while other electronic cigarettes are usually even longer than “100s” cigarettes.

If you don’t mind the size, consider the Safe Cig Original as a possible alternative to the Safe Cig Micro as it has approximately twice the battery life. However, many people switching from real cigarettes want an experience as close as possible to the one they are used to, and for that, we recommend the Safe Cig Micro.

With other companies, you have to closely examine the components of a starter kit before you purchase it. Other electronic cigarette brands may use cheap disposable cartridges to deliver flavour to the e-Cigarette’s heating element, while the Safe Cig e-Cigarette uses an advanced refill cartridge called a “cartomizer” that has a heating element inside each cartridge.

Cartomizers produce more vapour and cleaner flavour. They also don’t leak, which is a common problem with disposable cartridges. In addition, most other electronic cigarette kits in the same price range as the Safe Cig Micro include only one battery, while the Safe Cig e-Cigarette includes two.

Should I Buy A Safe Cig E-Cigarette Starter Kit Or The Safe Cig Micro Pack?

The Safe Cig Micro starter kits include up to five batteries and up to 24 refill cartomizers. In addition, all starter kits include wall chargers and some also include extra USB chargers and car chargers. So, purchasing a starter kit allows you to try more different refill flavours with your first order, gives you some extra batteries and may give you the ability to charge multiple batteries simultaneously.

Consider your smoking habits when purchasing the Safe Cig e-Cigarette; do you smoke more than a pack of cigarettes per day? If you do, you may want to consider purchasing a full starter kit rather than the Micro Pack because you’ll be less likely to find yourself in a situation where none of your batteries are fully charged and ready to use.

In addition, consider Safe Cig’s lifetime warranty on batteries; Safe Cig’s batteries are the most durable and reliable on the market, allowing Safe Cig to guarantee each battery for life — good luck finding another company willing to do that.

Can I Refill Safe Cig E-Cigarette Cartomizers?

Cartomizers for the Safe Cig e-Cigarette are not designed to be refilled. Handling pure e-liquid is potentially dangerous. All Safe Cig cartomizers are pre-filled under laboratory conditions and sealed tightly to prevent leaking.

How Long Does The Safe Cig E-Cigarette Battery Last?

A fully charged battery for the Safe Cig Micro e-Cigarette will give you around 40 long puffs of vapour before you will need to recharge it. This is roughly the same number of puffs as a little under a half pack of cigarettes.

If two fully charged batteries won’t get you through the day, we strongly recommend purchasing the Blink charging pack with your Safe Cig Micro Pack or Starter Kit. The Blink charges a dead Safe Cig e-Cigarette battery seven times. It even has a Micro USB port for charging external devices such as mobile phones and iPods.

Is The Safe Cig E-Cigarette Safer Than A Real Cigarette?

The Safe Cig e-Cigarette produces no smoke, tar or carbon monoxide. In addition, because you do not light the Safe Cig — and it does not burn — there is no chance of a fire or other accident when you use the Safe Cig.

What Happens If My Safe Cig E-Cigarette Stops Working?

Before you begin to worry, perform some basic troubleshooting by trying the Safe Cig e-Cigarette with a fresh cartomizer from a refill pack; it could be that the cartomizer you are using has a problem or is out of e-liquid.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, connect the battery to a charger and charge it fully. If you continue to experience a problem, call the Safe Cig customer service department.

With the exception of the refill cartomizers, which are disposable, all components of your Safe Cig e-Cigarette are covered by a limited lifetime warranty.

Can I Save Money With The Safe Cig E-Cigarette?

However, all electronic cigarettes cost less than “analog” cigarettes, so the key is to find the electronic cigarette company that offers the most savings.

Before you buy any electronic cigarette, look closely at the manufacturer’s refill cartridge and shipping costs.

In addition, all orders from Safe Cig ship to any address in the United States for free. Other companies expect you to spend much to ship each order, which can quickly add up if you buy a pack of refill cartridges each week.


The Safe Cig is highly suggested because of its appealing design, battery production and recognizable flavour option. It is most excellent for heavy smokers who are searching for a nearly equal alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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