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Vapor Couture Review – Electronic Cigarette For Females

The Vapor Couture is a device that features girly colours and comes with several varieties of fruity flavours for the cartridges. The device is highly functional too and comes with delicate designs that are truly unique.

Vapor Couture also comes with a chic design that any fashionable female will surely love. The design of this electronic cigarette is based on those elongated traditional tobacco cigarettes which glamorous women in the 80s would often carry.

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Better Alternative:

We found these products are better alternative or related to Vapor Couture.
The most common phrase we hear today is ‘Cigarette smoking is injurious to health’. This is quite true. The various different chemicals present within a cigarette and created due to the usage of one are extremely harmful.

Cigarette smoke has been known for the cause of death of thousands of people across the world. The most dangerous part of this is that the death toll includes those who do not smoke as well. Just by being around a person who smokes, an individual runs the risk of falling sick or dying. In such cases, the desire to quit smoking is quite high.

However, the breaking of this addictive habit is extremely difficult. The fact that it is also considered stylish and ‘cool’ does not help either. However, with Vapor Couture, a person can look stylish while ensuring that there is no harm done with this type of smoking.

There are various different diseases, illnesses and negative effects of smoking. It harms the lungs leading to susceptibility to illnesses such as bronchitis and lung cancer, it can affect the blood vessels and cause them to thicken.

Carbon monoxide produced during smoking can leach oxygen out of the blood which travels to various organs, muscles and tissue. This causes the heart to work overtime and be under vigorous strain pumping more blood to the organs.

Smoking also affects those who are around a smoker. They and those around them are also susceptible to heart attacks and strokes along with various other heart and lung diseases.

It is also extremely harmful for pregnant women and their foetus. Inhaling smoke can make them susceptible to inner ear infections, stunted development, bronchitis, etc.

Thus quitting smoking is essential for each woman. It is to help women that the brand Vapor Couture was created. They deal exclusively with women and have created various different e cigarettes for women alone.

With chic designs, smart accessories and delicious flavours, they have created a product uniquely meant for women. Their distinctive line of e cigarettes comes in four different shades. Each is designed to appear as an ultra-thin cigarette with a jewelled tipped battery which can be recharged and cartridges of different flavours. They also offer matching clutches, charms and bracelets to go with the e cigarettes.

Usually, an e cigarette is made of three distinct parts. Those are the cartridge with the special fluid (This is usually a combination of water, nicotine, flood grade flavour and propylene glycol), the atomizer and the battery.

The battery charges the atomizer which heats the special fluid turning it into steam which when released can be inhaled by the user. This allows them to take their daily dosage of nicotine.

However, Vapor Couture is made of only two parts i.e., the battery and the cartridge. The cartridges come with an atomizer inbuilt. They are also disposable. This reduces the need of regularly cleaning the e cigarette.

Vapor Couture cigarettes are thus quite popular with customers for their ease of use. The disposable nature of the cartridges ensures that each person who uses this device finds it convenient and simple to use. This exclusive line of e cigarettes for women allow for a wide range of customization to make them unique to one particular woman’s choice.

There are also different flavours a person can indulge in. The flavours available are:

  • Rodeo Drive – America Tobacco which matches the flavour of Marlboro, Winston etc.
  • Bombshell – Turkish Tobacco which is similar to Camel, Merit etc.
  • Fresh Mint is similar to mint and menthol cigarettes such as Marlboro Menthol, etc.
  • Passion fruit is the only fruit flavour currently available.

These are all available in 4 strengths depending upon the amount of nicotine present which are Full 18mg, Med 12mg, Light 6mg, and Zero which actually contains no nicotine at all.

They will soon be adding two new flavours which are Cool Mint in all four strengths and Strawberry Champaign which will come in Light 0.6%, Medium 1.2%, Full which is 1.8% and no nicotine.

Vapor Couture has created the perfect solution to a woman’s smoking addiction. The e cigarette ensures that while a woman can continue smoking, without the negative effects. The absence of tar and other chemicals in an e cigarette ensure that the smoker and those around her are not negatively affected.

With the lack of combustion, there will be no ash or smoke created making it a clean product which does not affect the environment or those around the smoker.

E cigarettes by Vapor Couture also ensure that the smoker does not suffer from a dry mouth and bad breath. The negative effects of smoking such as cancer, lung diseases, heavy coughing, etc., are all avoided ensuring the smoker has good health.

The Vapor Couture range offers customers an e cigarette in four distinctive shades which add to their appeal. They are also available in different starter kits to suit the individuals taste and requirements.

The colours are White with the signature logo pattern, Rose Gold, Deep Purple and Platinum. These colours are available for the body of the cigarette and the battery cover and the customer can change or combine colours as per her choice.

Unlike other e cigarette manufacturers, Vapor Couture manufactures their cigarettes themselves. Rigorous tests are conducted to ensure the consistence and safety of each cigarette and cartridge within. The blister packing on the cartridges ensure they remain fresh and cannot be tampered.

There are a range of different accessories offered with these cigarettes including stylish clutches, beautiful charms etc. For those who are travelling, they even provide a car adapter for charging. The e cigarettes are available in three different types of kits.

The Essential kit consists of 2 batteries and chargers and 10 cartridges; The Deluxe kit comes with 2 batteries and charges, 10 cartridges and 1 bracelet with charm and clutch; The Deluxe sampler has all the same contents as a deluxe kit but instead of 10, it has 20 cartridges to go with.

What Exactly Is Vapor Couture?

The Vapor Couture is one of the famous electronic cigarettes manufactures in the world. The electronic cigarette is specially designed for women. The electronic cigarette is very healthy to use without quitting the smoking habit.

This electronic cigarette is designed for high smoking performance and style. The smoking habit is a fashion statement among the women all over the world.

The smoking is now turned as a fashion element unlike addicted to the tobacco products. The electronic cigarettes are an excellent option for them. The cigarette look, feel and perform like the traditional cigarettes. But, it does not contain any tobacco substances that cause cancer or other harmful diseases to human.

Latest trend in smoking:

The Vapor Couture review brings the trend in the smoking. The electronic cigarettes are available for regular nicotine release system to fashion accessory. The stylish E-cig produces more smoke like the traditional cigarettes. Vapor Couture is the first and only electronic cigarette brand dedicated to women. The device charges quickly so, you can take it anywhere with more comfort. The electronic cigarette is available in different size and flavour.

The Vapor Couture review helps us to select most excellent electronic cigarettes available in the market. The Vapor Couture cigarettes are available in different ranges. You can select best product based upon your fashion needs.

The Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes kits:

The Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes come with automatic batteries, wall adaptor, USB charger, clutch bag and flavour cartridge. This electronic cigarette is a mixture of fashion need and smoking experience. The packing and design of the electronic cigarettes is outstanding.

The Vapor Couture cigarettes are available in three different packets starting from the starter kit to the deluxe kit. The strong box finished with magnetic closing clasp which safeguard your cigarette from water or other environmental changes.

The while cardboard covering holds the symbol and logo of the Vapor Couture review brand. The purple box inside the sturdy box contains two slim electronic cigarettes and the flavoured cartridges.

Traditional looking Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes:

The electronic cigarette looks like the traditional cigarettes. The Vapor Couture gives same smoking experience like the traditional cigarettes. The slim line device has an LED light at the top. The crystal design light gives an authentic look to the electronic cigarettes.

The cigarettes the LED display glow when you start using the device. The LED light gives a traditional look to your electronic cigarettes. The cigarette looking slim line is the battery in electronic cigarette.

The batteries are used to heat the cartridge which emits smoke like traditional cigarettes. The cigarettes are available in different colours including white signature, deep purple, rose gold and platinum brushed.

The cartridges are available in different colour and style. You can select the cartridge colour based on the battery colour. It gives an authentic look to your electronic cigarettes.

The cartridge of the Vapor Couture electronic device is very elegant and stylish too. The faded coloured cartridge with white coloured battery slim line gives more uniqueness to this beautiful device.

The cartridge is the main device in the electronic cigarettes. It holds the E-juice which produces smoke while heating the device. The charge of the battery is used to warm the liquid present in the cartridge. The cartridge normally holds nicotine and propylene content.

Working mechanism of Vapor Couture:

On heating, the cartridge produces enough smoke like the traditional cigarettes. The electronic cigarette does not contain any harmful substances like the traditional cigarettes.

The normal tobacco stuffed cigarettes contain thousands of harmful toxins that cause various lungs and respiratory related problems. The electronic cigarette smoke normally contains propylene and the nicotine content.

The use of cartomizer keeps smokers away from various health issues. This electronic cigarette has 10 droplets of E- juice which is comparable to 20 traditional l tobacco cigarettes. The cartridges are present in the middle of this smoking device. Using the electronic satisfy your smoking experience without spoiling your fashion needs.

The cartridge present in the electronic cigarette decides the amount of smoke released while smoking. You can be able to customize the nicotine and smoke content based on your desires. The water vapour is used as smoke in the device.

The water vapour evaporates quickly and it does not cause any harmful chemicals. It’s very safe and secure to use electronic cigarettes in the public areas.

Smoking is prohibited in public areas all over the world. Smoking in a public area is a punishable offense in every country. The electronic cigarettes are very legal to use in public areas like market, cinema hall, shopping mall and aircrafts.

Nictone substances in the Vapor Couture:

The nicotine gives authentic smoking experience like the traditional cigarettes. Quitting the smoking habit in the single day is highly impossible and dangerous too.

You need to stop smoking habit step by step. The nicotine leveller used in the device helps you to control the nicotine level inhaled while smoking the electronic cigarettes. The nicotine content is responsible storing smoking habit. The nicotine leveller helps the smoker to control the nicotine level from zero to full 18mg.

The nicotine leveller is very helpful for the smokers looking to quit smoking habit step by step. Smoking the traditional cigarettes cause stinky smell that affects smokers in great extent. They can able to interact with their friends and colleague freely.

The density and quality of the smoke in the Vapor Couture review is very similar to the V2 E-cigs available in the market. The little puffs of electronic cigarettes satisfy you more than the traditional cigarettes.

The Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes are available in different flavour. The Vapor Couture cartridge is available in mint, strawberry, chocolate, rick creamy, vanilla and other interesting flavour.

The Vapor Couture helps them to select the most excellent flavoured cartridge to fulfil their smoking experience. The slim battery is another astonishing feature in the Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes.

The lithium ion battery supports longer life than other device. Charging the battery is very easy and quick. The USB charger makes the charging process very unique and astonishing.

The internal light glows blue when the battery is fully charged. It alerts you with a red light when the battery runs off. The device is very slim, performance oriented, compact and very cool to use. Get Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes to fulfil your fashion needs.

Pros and Cons

Just like with buying any kind of product, it is best to compare the pros and cons of getting one of the VC kits before you decide to make a purchase. So here are the pros and cons of the kit.


  • The starter kits that the VC Electronic Cigarettes offer are priced reasonably.
  • V2 Cigs is known for their outstanding customer service support that will cater to all your needs.
  • The products of V2 Cigs are backed by a lifetime warranty policy.
  • The Vapor Couture comes with a wide selection of vapour flavours.
  • Each VC kit comes with stylish accessories.


  • The lifetime warranty policy is limited to just five replacements.
  • Before you can claim the warranty, you must be able to purchase a cartridge within the past 90 days.

Contents of the Vapor Couture Kits

V2 Cigs is known to offer huge discounts aside from the fact that they sell their products at such a reasonable price. They offer three different kits, the VC Essentials Kit, the VC Deluxe Kit and the VC Deluxe Sampler.

So let’s talk about the contents of each of these kits.

VC Essentials Kit – this kit is the most affordable of all. It costs $79.95 and it contains two lithium ion batteries and two pieces of flavor cartridges that comes in 5 varying flavors, strength and color. It also comes with a mini charger and a wall charger.

VC Deluxe Kit– this kit costs $127.45 and it has everything that you will find on the Essentials kit, except that it has few more stylish additions. There are the VC clutch bag and the VC charm and bracelet.

VC Deluxe Sample Kit – this kit contains everything from both the Essentials and the VC Deluxe kit. It has the chargers, the stylish clutch, batteries, and instead of the charm bracelet, the kit comes with a lanyard. It also comes with five packs of these vapor flavors – Rodeo Drive, Bomb Shell, Fresh Mint and Passion Fruit flavors. This kit costs $135.95 each.

Of all the three kits, it’s the VC Deluxe Sample kit that will give you the best deal. This gives you all the contents found on the other two kits and also comes with great accessories and several samples of flavor cartridges, and all these can be bought for a reasonable price of $135.95.


If you compare all the electronic cigarettes that are all over the market these days, you can really say that there are lots of companies that truly make outstanding e-cigarettes, but only a few companies could cater to the unique needs of women. VC2 truly understands the needs of women and this is why they came up with the Vapor Couture.

So, if you are a woman and are looking for an electronic cigarette to buy, you should refer to the products that the VC2 offers. Simply choose which among the kits is more preferable for you and place your order online. With its unique design and girly features, you will certainly be very happy the moment you open your Vapor Couture package.

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