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Victory E-cigarettes is the alternative path to quit smoking. The starter kit, especially at its low price, is pretty great. Victory has a good taste sensation going on.

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For those who find Victory through another path, their offer seems reasonable. They ship them do your door automatically, since most of us smoke regularly, and you don’t even have to think about it. They offer a very affordable starter kit.

The starter kit, especially at its low price, is pretty great. It comes with a 510 battery, 6 cartomizers, a USB, a wall, and a car charger.

So, let’s take a look at Victory by category.

1. Vapour Production

Victory has a pretty good thing going here. Their batteries are not very long lasting, but the vapour production is impressive, right off the bat. You will like the throat hit, though it is, perhaps, not as strong as you would have liked.

You will be impressed with the continuity of the production – it did not slow down too much as time passed. As far as e-cigarettes go, Victory is slightly above some of the competition in this category, but it is not up to par with some of the biggest and best brands that are out there.

2. Batteries

Well, these only last about 100 puffs for every full charge. It is a smaller model, a 100mm long battery so that it is nice and compact. Many e-cigarettes are much longer than that in terms of standard size, and you do need to appreciate that it does not feel like you have a baseball bat in your hand when you are smoking the Victory.

You may value the life of the battery more than the appearance and the overall feel. And the small battery size is probably what makes the vapour production less than stellar or impressive.

3. Flavours

For a non-American made e-liquid, Victory has some good offerings. Victory has a good taste sensation going on. Unlike a lot of Chinese liquids, you cannot taste the chemicals, nor do you experience any kind of mystery after or under taste.

They have array of fruity flavours; but they included the standards – strawberry, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, and blueberry. Overall, this is like the vapour production.


So, in summary, Victory is both good and bad. They are crazy cheap and affordable, with a nice ample starter kit at just thirty bucks, and it is packed full of accessories. They have decent vapour production and okay battery life, and the taste is pretty good.

So, order and smoke at your own risk when it comes to Victory e-cigarettes.

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