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What Are The Advantages Of Using An E Cigarette?

What Are The Advantages Of Using An E Cigarette

An alternative to conventional cigarette stick has been made available for the public recently. Called an e cigarette, it’s an electronic device that provides you with your nicotine fix. However, it does not involve tobacco in the process, as it’s free of such. If you’re a smoker and you wish to try this innovation out, read the following. Below are 7 benefits to enjoy with using it.

1. It provides you with a much cheaper alternative than smoking the real deal. Once you have the reusable device, you need to replace only the cartridge regularly. Inside the cartridge is the nicotine in liquefied form, which is exhausted as you use the electronic device. However, a cartridge is as good as an entire pack. Simply imagine the money you get to save if you need to purchase a new cartridge once in a while only.

2. Second of the benefits to enjoy is, it’s compact and easy to carry around. There’s no need to carry around with you a lighter or matchsticks, as it’s powered by a battery. Because a single cartridge lasts for a long time, you need not carry a pack with you. In addition, you don’t have to panic it might go stale or cause a mess inside your bag or pocket.

3. Now, smoking with this in hand can be done just about anywhere you like. Usually, you need to look for a proper smoking area, away from the crowd and in a secluded spot. But using this electronic counterpart can be done anywhere – office, library, eating place, shopping mall, even inside an airplane. You also need not feel guilty as no harmful second hand smoke is produced.

4. Freedom from bad breath: No one really finds smokers breathe a turn on. Cartridges even come in a variety of flavours. Some of them include fruity ones such as apple and strawberry. If you don’t like such fancy ones, there are also regular and menthol flavours. Now, there’s no need to worry about brushing your teeth or chewing gum afterwards. What’s more, you’re teeth are also spared from getting stained.

5. The cartridge’s nicotine content is available in various strengths. You can choose from low, moderate or high amounts of the substance. Plus, there are also cartridges with absolutely no nicotine contents. If you like to gradually dump the habit, such can be very helpful. You can slowly go from high concentrations to low concentrations, until you no longer crave for a nicotine fix.

6. The nasty effects of smoking tobacco products are really not a secret. This is especially true for smokers themselves. According to experts, there are in excess of 4000 substances found in tobacco smoke. Of these, 50 are said to be carcinogens, or substances that can cause cancer. Oral, esophageal, laryngeal, lung, cervical and other types of cancers can develop.

7. There are multiple ways of recharging available. Now there’s no need to ask a stranger for a light in case you forgot to bring your lighter. The battery powering up an e cigarette is completely rechargeable. You can do so by means of a wall outlet when you’re at home. Recharge it while driving using a car lighter adaptor. Or, you may even do so while using the computer by means of a USB charger.

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