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What Is The Best Electronic Cigarette Brand?

What Is The Best Electronic Cigarette Brand

Because electronic cigarettes have proven to be favoured by quite a few smokers, even if they just use them when in locations that do not allow smoking, there have been several new manufacturers leaping on the e-cigarette bandwagon.

Smokers hoping to make the switch to e-cigarettes can spend lots of time looking for the pros and cons of the numerous varieties. Their opinion may be determined by as many different points, because there are a variety of brands on the market.

Before you make your first e-cigarette purchase, however, you need to figure out what brand is best for you. Look at the cost, shipping time and the accessories included with each pack of electronic cigarettes you purchase.

To make sure you’re choosing smartly when making your selection, start a list of five or more brands. Then do research to determine which ones provide you with the best features that could be best for you.

All smokeless cigarettes offer the same benefits over tobacco cigarettes in that they don’t leave ashes behind and no smoke to stink up your residence or vehicle. With zero tar or any other harmful carcinogens, they’re a healthier replacement for regular cigarettes.

1. V2 Cigarettes

Based on many internet reviews, the best e-cigarettes currently available are V2 Cigarettes. Customer support in addition to a high-quality product that delivers on every promise, helped to make the company the top rated electric cigarette in the United States.

2. Green Smoke E-Cigs

Yet another company that positioned high on quality and customer service is Green Smoke. Right from the start, they’ve been able to beat their customers’ expectations. Built into most Green Smoke orders will be an extensive accessory package that provides users with a top-notch experience when electronic smoking.

3. Blu Cigs

Blu Cigs also ranks very well on customer reviews and is a U.S. manufacturer that includes in its starter pack, five cartridges with 16 mg of nicotine. This really is equal to about 200 and 300 puffs, in addition to two rechargeable batteries, a wall charger and a USB charger.

4. Smoke Tip Electronic Cigarettes

Due to the fact, it offers a slightly less expensive starter pack; Smoke Tip e-cigarettes are also very popular. Smoke Tip Electronic Cigarettes were also rated higher because of the accessibility to different flavours of smokeless cartridges.

5. Fifty One Brand

Lastly, the 51 Brand smokeless cigarettes are fairly popular today. The cigarettes offer many options to electronic cigarette smokers and are known to deliver high quality products.

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