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What To Look For When You Buy Electronic Cigarettes?

What To Look For When You Buy Electronic Cigarettes

If you’re considering purchasing your first electronic cigarette, it can be hard to decide which brand to go with because there are quite a few out there and so many options available.

Be sure to notice whether they have the look and feel of a real cigarette and whether they can supply the amount of nicotine you’ve grown comfortable with receiving in your traditional cigarettes. If not you will likely be unhappy with your purchase.

Most manufacturers of e-cigs offer a trial pack for smokers to try, to compare and contrast before they settle on a specific brand. While some of these free trial offers may appear to offer an inexpensive alternative, you will need to remember the quality of the product.

Many of the cheaper ones could have a problem with dripping the liquid nicotine that doesn’t exclusively cuts into the great buy you received, but they also can also trickle that liquid into the mouth area while using the product.

While you shop, compare the life of the battery of each electronic cigarette brand, since it powers the vapour you’re going to get. This vapour is essential in order for you to receive the injection of nicotine.

You will also want to compare the services supplied by the manufacturer and how long you will have to wait for your shipment of replacement cartridges that hold the nicotine for your cigarettes.

Many businesses are beginning to provide a wide selection of nicotine cartridge levels, from full flavour to no nicotine at all. This could be important if you are planning to use them to stop smoking and can permit you to decrease the level of nicotine you obtain over time.

Product packaging might not exactly seem important, but since every vaporizer in e-cigarettes requires an electric battery to function, many manufacturers offer a charger built into what appears to be a regular pack of cigarettes.

By placing your smoke in the pack, it charges your smokes. You’ll also want to find a company which offers possibilities with your cigs, in addition to chargers for the house and your vehicle. With great accessories offered, you will know you never have to go without your nicotine.

Consider some of these things before you decide to purchase electronic cigarettes:


Price is always one of the biggest concerns for everyone. The good news is that nearly every brand of electronic cigarette offers savings over traditional tobacco cigarettes. Since you’re already spending a good chunk of change on tobacco cigarettes, and you’ll save a significant amount of money switching to nearly any brand of e-cig, it is usually recommended purchasing whatever brand is easiest to use and that you’re most likely to stick with and not go back to smoking real cigarettes.

That said the first thing you’ll need to purchase is a starter kit. Most starter kits range from $40 – $80, although some are still charging over $100.

It takes a lot of math to figure out which brand will be the most cost-effective over time, but you can read this article where I reviewed the cost of BluCigs over 1 year in comparison to tobacco cigarettes. In that article, BluCigs ended up coming in about $400 cheaper than traditional smokes.

In summary, price is a bit subjective, because you’ll save a significant amount of money with almost any brand, so it’s perhaps better to pick a brand that you’ll be more likely to stick with, which leads us to our next point.

Ease of use

One of the biggest issues with electronic cigarettes is that they require batteries to operate. At first glance, this isn’t a big deal…a lot of us have an iPod and that requires batteries and it works just fine. True, and while the battery-powered mobility of electronic cigarettes are exactly why they’re such a great smoking alternative, the batteries can also be sticking point and something you should consider when buying your first e-cig.

The other factor to consider is how easy your electronic cigarette will be to smoke and how easy the cartridges are to refill. There are two aspects of this to consider.

1. E-Cig Batteries

First, there are two battery types out there…automatic and manual. Manual batteries require you press a button while inhaling in order to smoke. Automatic batteries on the other hand, are designed to sense small pressure changes and activate the device automatically when you inhale, so no button to press.

2. E-Cig Cartridges

Second, you have to ask, how easy is it to replace cartridges when they run dry? Most cartridges are pretty much the same, the only real difference is that some are sold prefilled and some are sold empty and meant to be refilled manually by you. The thing is though, since cartridges are all pretty much the same, you can manually refill even the prefilled cartridges when they run dry.

So, that said, for your first foray into electronic cigarettes recommend a brand that offers prefilled cartridges just because you can refill them manually if you decide that’s something you want to do. Otherwise, you can just reorder prefilled cartridges if you don’t want to bother with the hassle of squirting the nicotine solution into the empty cartridges yourself.

If, on the other hand, you order a brand that only offers manual refill cartridges and you decide later you don’t want to deal with the hassle of manual refills, you’re out of luck.

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