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Why Are Electronic Cigarettes Better For Me Than Normal Cigarettes?

Why Are Electronic Cigarettes Better For Me Than Normal Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are battery powered and don’t have the ingredient of tobacco. Instead of using cancer causing tobacco they have an atomizer that produces simulated smoke and a cartridge that holds the water, flavourings, and dependent on what your country allows at your option, either nicotine or nicotine free.

When a smoker draws on an e-cigarette, their cravings are placated because of the taste of tobacco they obtain, the ’smoke’ like vapour that’s emitted, the fulfilment they get from holding the cigarette, and the inhalation of nicotine (nicotine free are available). Because of all these components, they can be seen as another option to a traditional tobacco cigarette.

The benefits of these cigarettes are that they’re more socially acceptable than the standard ones. There are no pollutants in the smoke that’s emitted; there are no ashtrays to clean at day’s end and no horrible smells to annoy people who are nearby.

The smoke of Electric cigarettes that’s breathed out vaporizes within several moments and doesn’t leave any remaining smell on your clothing. There is no visible remnant left in the atmosphere, for example, the unsightly acrid cloud that irritates any non smoking person.

The reason why these cigarettes are less harmful than the normal tobacco cigarette is that there’s nothing burnt during the process of inhaling on one. This means that any smoke emitted has no toxic substances that can damage to the lungs of the smoker or people nearby.

If you look at the way that the electric cigarette works it is easy to see how it is less harmful for the person smoking and for those who would get the smoke second-hand.

All that happens is that a battery powered atomizer heats the cartridge that holds the liquid nicotine (or nicotine free), and flavouring. This then creates an H2O vapour which is mixed with Propylene glycol in order to make it visible. Propylene glycol has been deemed safe by the USDA and is used as a solvent in food colourings.

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