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Why Electronic Cigarettes Are Best Substitute For Cigarette Smoking?

Why Electronic Cigarettes Are Best Substitute For Cigarette Smoking

So, what is an electronic cigarette or an e-cigarette? What is the best electronic cigarette available today? If you are asking about an electronic cigarette, then chances are you are entertaining the thought of quitting your cigarette or tobacco smoking.

The e-cigarette was made available in the US market back in 2007. Basically, it was known to offer smokers an alternative to smoking cigarettes or cigar. It was also always mistaken for regular cigarettes (due to its appearance). Because of the lack of nicotine content, e-cigarettes are not subject to any US Tobacco Laws. Meaning, you can easily buy this from your nearest store or even online.

Basically, this is a battery-operated device which basically stimulates smoking tobacco. It uses a heating mechanism that vaporizes scented or flavoured liquid solution. This is then inhaled or exhaled by its user. There are also mixtures which contain nicotine and flavouring. Others are simply flavouring without actual nicotine content.

Many e-cigarettes are designed to look like an actual cigarettes or cigars. There are others which do not resemble the appearance of a cigarette or cigar.

When it comes to electronic cigarette brands, just like the typical cigar or cigarette, there are a plethora of brands that you can choose from. Basically, we are now bombarded with different brands and different design of e-cigarettes as well.

To name a few, they are: V2 Cigs; Bull Smoke; Smokeless Image; Vapor4Life; Breathe Fresh E-Cig; and many more.

If you want to finally kick your habit of smoking, you should consider using this alternative. We all know that going cold turkey is not a good idea. You need to be able to slowly rid of your nasty smoking habit, and now you can do so with the help of an e-cigarette.

Basically, the use of electronic cigarettes will help you in smoking cessation. Many smokers do find it to be more effective than any other form of pharmacotherapy.

Many manufacturers and customers are saying that the nicotine vapour from an e-cigarette offers a lot of advantages over the deadly cigar and cigarette smoke.

To a smoker’s view, using this is more health-friendly and pocket-friendly. Why? Unlike the ordinary cigar or cigarette, you can re-use this. As mentioned earlier, this is a battery operated gadget. And as long as you have the liquid, you can use this for as long as you want. You also save money as you don’t have to buy one lighter after another to light this.

Many users are also saying that it is better than the ordinary cigar or cigarettes, since after puffing it, you don’t end up smelling like tobacco. Your fingers will not have that yellow discoloration stain as well (since, you are not actually burning your e-cigarette).

Electronic cigarettes do come in different price ranges. It all depends on its manufacturer, the style, and model. Basically, the typical kit will contain the e-cigarette device, batter, and a couple of cartridges. It can cost you anywhere from $9 to $150. At first look, it appears expensive. But when you start doing the math, you will be amazed at how much money you will be saving from using this as opposed to smoking cigarettes.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, this is battery-operated and they are reusable. You have to charge it on a regular basis (or once it tells you that it is out of power). Depending on the times you puff or use it, a typical e-cigarette can last you a whole day (or longer). When it comes to its fluid, a tiny container can last you more than a week.

Again, if you count the cost of a cigarette pack, you will still consider this as more affordable and pocket-friendly. Unlike the conventional cigarette, this won’t turn to ashes.

The regulation for the use of this is still evolving. Why? Well, for one, the product is still new to the market. Unlike the regular cigar or cigarette, you can smoke this inside a building or your own house. You can even smoke this anywhere you want.

Sadly, there are other countries (i.e. Australia, Canada, Israel, and others) that banned the use of electronic cigarettes. If you are not from the above-mentioned countries, then you are safe as it is considered as legal to smoke one or use one.

The use of electronic cigarettes as a substitute to smoking tobacco or cigarettes is the best way to quit smoking. Not only that it is healthy or good for you, it is also healthy and good for the people you’re always surrounded with.

This is most especially true when it comes to your young ones. Even if you try your best to not be in the same room as them when you smoke, chances are they will still be able to inhale your cigarette smoke when they enter the room that you are in. If you want to avoid passing on your smoke to them, it is best that you either quit your smoking or just don’t smoke at all.

If you want to quit smoking, you should consider using electronic cigarettes. There are many electronic cigarette brands that you can choose from today (either from your local stores or via the internet). Kick the bad habit and try this effective and safe alternative to smoking cigars or cigarettes.

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