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Why Try E Cigarettes?

Why Try E Cigarettes

E-cigarettes allow one to continue smoking- but not the tobacco laden traditional cigarette. Instead, e-cigs are healthier options to ones Marlboro as they are tobacco free and therefore, would not cause cancer and other lung diseases.

One good thing about e-cigs is that it does not have any tobacco; the people surrounding one will no longer be unwilling recipients of second hand smoke. One can now “smoke” in peace without being bothered by the dagger looks one will get from people when one want to smoke near non-smokers. Some restaurants and even business establishments allow people to use or smoke e-cigs within their premises.

An electronic cigarette review will tell one that one do not need a match to light up this device. Most e-cigs resemble a traditional cigarette, and they are battery operated. One gets rid of the cigarette stench as it does not produce any ash, fire and smoky smell.

Once used, it converts liquid nicotine into vapour or “smoke” associated with regular cigarettes. As is with nicotine, e-cigarette relaxes and stimulates. Nicotine triggers the “reward system” of the brain called mesolimbic pathway which regulates positive feelings like euphoria and pleasure.

Another good thing about nicotine is that it can increase metabolism and reduce appetite which can help people lose weight. Traditional cigarettes do not have a way for people to regulate the level of nicotine. In some e-cigarettes, options to change nicotine levels are possible.

An electronic cigarette review will validate that e-cigs are the safest and easiest alternative to regular cigarettes. They are preferred by most smokers compared to other forms of smoking cessation aids such as nicotine patches, gum, doctor prescribed medicines like Wellbutrin and Chantix and even hypnosis. E-cigs often resemble actual cigarettes, so they are extremely easy to use.

Unlike regular cigarettes, which normally have only the red or bold, gold and menthol flavours and the occasional flavoured cigarettes of some less known brands, e-cigs often have as many as 5-10 flavours. Some brands have fruity flavours like strawberry, tea or coffee based flavours. One can go for traditional flavours or be daring enough to try other flavours that might suit ones taste.

Do not know where to buy e-cigarettes? No worries! Electronic cigarettes are easily accessible.  Several companies have been producing electronic cigarettes and many online shops, as well as kiosks located in strategic places selling tobacco and other tobacco based products, are selling them too.

No idea what to buy when one start using e-cigs? Most companies have different types of starter kits that one can choose from. Most starter kits come with the complete package such as battery, cartomizer, and cartridges. Some companies even have couple’s starter kits that are very useful for couples who want to curb their smoking habit together?

Though not yet approved or regulated by FDA, individual company research or electronic cigarette review has come up with their own researches proving the efficacy and safety of electronic cigarettes as the preferred method to curb smoking pangs.

Electronic cigarettes are even cheaper than traditional cigarettes. Though starter kits may cost a pretty penny at the start, a long term projection has supported the fact that people who always smoke can save thousands of dollars every year when they select e-cigs over traditional ones.

The number of people dying due to some related issues with smoking is at an alarming rate, which is why it is better to try electronic cigarettes. Sensations one often associate with smoking real cigarettes are just the same.

Try to check other electronic cigarette reviews of the many different brands available in the market today. Indeed, electronic cigarettes are the perfect substitute for traditional cigs. Try one today and notice the difference immediately.

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